Forestry and Wildlife Information

Services Provided:

On-site technical assistance

Natural resource assessment

Tree planting

Wildlife habitat assistance

Wildlife shrubs

Food plots

Native grass / wildflower planting

Educational seminars

Backyard Habitat

Michigan Wildflowers

Tree Sales (Fall & Spring)

Along with the services listed above, the district also works in conjunction with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to implement the Forest Land Enhancement Program (FLEP). The Forest Land Enhancement Program (FLEP) supports good forest management practices on privately owned, non-industrial forest lands nationwide. FLEP is designed to benefit the environment while meeting future demands for wood products. Eligible practices are tree planting, timber stand improvement, site preparation for natural regeneration, and other related activities. FLEP is available in counties designated by a Forest Service survey of eligible private timber acreage. Under the new Farm Bill of 2002, tree planting is also covered under the USDA/NRCS Environmental Incentives Program (EQIP). For more information about this program, click on the USDA-NRCS link at the bottom.

If you have any questions, you can contact the district office.

The phone number at the office is (231) 627-3383, or you can email us at